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I don't want the world

I just want your half

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we're all mad here
24 December
a hard day's night, alice in wonderland, castle (tv), clue (movie), coupling (bbc-tv), donnie darko (movie), dr horrible's sing-along blog, eddie izzard, fingernail polish, firefly (tv), grimm (tv), grosse pointe blank (movie), hot fuzz (movie), kids in the hall, labyrinth (movie), leverage (tv), mc escher, midnight madness (movie), monty python's flying circus, mtv's the state, murder by death (movie), office space (movie), psych (tv), pushing daisies (tv), real genius (movie), rosencrantz&guildenstern are dead, schoolhouse rock, scooby doo, scott pilgrim (movie), sharpies, sherlock (tv), supernatural (tv), the adventures of pete&pete, the boondock saints (movie), the finder (tv), the frighteners (movie), the good guys (tv), the pirate movie, they might be giants, welcome to night vale, white collar (tv), without a clue (movie)

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