Arg! Post of upset!

So, I just want to vent and husband just doesn't fully understand my frustration... So, read or skip - I totally understand.

Finally, FINALLY, getting around to watching the newest Sherlock I recorded from PBS (because I am a good person and did not watch without husband). Yes, we finally had an evening that we were both home, awake, were willing to be awake for another hour and a half, and did not have to get up early the following morning (hence, the willingness to stay awake).

So, I go to start what the TV listing and DVR clearly lists as Sherlock: the Abominable Bride, only to find some modern dance/concert thing.

I know that in the grand scheme of things that this is a very minor annoyance, but right now, I am super annoyed and frustrated!

End ranty post of ranting :(

This is Night Vale

This is Night Vale-

This one of the most awesome things I have seen in a long time! While I prefer the originals to the cover songs, I think the Panic! at the Disco version works better for this (keeps me from expecting characters from the movie to pop up). And the Night Vale art is, as always, totally great. This just works so well!

Hey people I don't know, why you gotta make me cry...

So, a little backstory (in case you don't know me or have forgotten, since I have not posted in forever) - I have two children, two sons. Charley will be 13 on Pi day and Sam is 11. They are both autistic. Sam is nonverbal (though some of the sounds the boy produces could cause a person to go deaf) and Charley, though verbal, has very limited communication skills.

If you know anything about autistic children, you may already know that we are a very schedule-oriented family. For instance, on Saturdays, we have lunch at a local breakfast/lunch place - yep, the staff all know us (and our specific orders). On Wednesday evenings, we go to a local restaurant for dinner - and, again, the staff all know us.

My husband is out of town on business and usually when that is the case, I skip dining out. But, because we have started to get snow (and the last time the weather looked like this, the boys were out of school for nearly a week), I decided to brave it alone with the boys.

The trip was typical - mostly decent behavior, some aggression, some noise. What was not typical, however, was the two women who came up to our table near the end of our meal. They said that they recognized us, that they enjoy seeing the boys, that they think my husband and I are such good parents, that they understand the difficulties we have. And, they gave me a $25 gift certificate for the restaurant as a thank you.

This is actually the second time this kind of thing has happened at this restaurant. Yep, a year or more ago, a man sat by himself in the booth behind us. I was so worried that we were bothering him - turns out, he paid for our meal before leaving. I never even saw his face.

I have had to deal with people making comments about my boys - some said so I can overhear but not directly to me and some blatantly about my parenting skills. Those hurt but I can take it. Hey, I'm a mom and they're my boys - I do my best to protect.

But these ladies tonight - the ones I teared up over 3 times (the initial incident, recounting to my husband, recounting to my mom) - they are the ones I feel I have to share. I always feel some accomplishment by proxy when my boys master a skill or do well at something. But this feels like a win for me, a good grade for parenting when I feel like I am passing just by a hair.

These women took time out of their day to make me feel good and I just felt like the story needed to be told.

Chick Flicks

Alright friends, I need some help!

I have been asked to come up with games for an up-coming girls' weekend. The girls in question are family members (sister, mom, aunts, cousins) and, while I am good at normal games (which is why I was asked), since we have been calling this a girls' weekend for the last few years, I thought some girly games would be in order. Specifically, girl-movie related.

The problem is that, much like Dean Winchester, I am not into chick flicks. In fact, I just looked up a list including the "35 Must-see Chick Flicks" and I've only seen 5 (and 1 was so long ago that I don't really remember it). However, I know these are the sorts of movies (and these movies specifically) are the movies that my family members have seen.

So, if anyone would like to list some of their favorite or must-see chick movies for me (so we can play a 'what movie was this line in?' game), I would really appreciate it and love you forever and basically owe you whatever you would like to ask of me.

So... tell me what you want (me to write, I guess) and give me some chick flick titles.
Fair trade?


Supernatural mentioned at

So, can I just say that I love reading Cracked articles. And watching Cracked videos. 'After Hours' and 'Today's Topic' and 'Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder' are awesome dissections of pop culture and I can't get enough.

And, they just topped themselves for me - a mention of Supernatural! Specifically Castiel's manner of dress...

#4. Castiel from Supernatural Is Wearing the Coat of an Asshole Demon Hunter

Supernatural is a show that started out as a story about two brothers hunting monsters before ultimately focusing on how adorable Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are together.

(SPOILER: Very.)

As the show slowly changed focus from horror to a kind of magical dark comedy, Supernatural eventually introduced a new leading character: Castiel, a demon-hunting angel from heaven who dresses like Columbo and whose main shtick is that he just doesn't get how the human world works. Here he is watching porn for the first time:

(pic with Castiel's dialog about the pizza man spanking the babysitter)

Yeah, it's kind of a lame joke, but Misha Collins plays Castiel with such a beautiful mix of childlike naivete and deadpan seriousness that you can't help but constantly laugh at his antics. In fact, Collins did such a great job with making the character his own that you can hardly tell anymore that Castiel was sort of meant to be a parody of John Constantine.

Non-comic book fans may not immediately get that reference, but they might remember the 2005 movie Constantine starring Keanu Reeves, which made film history by showing Shia LaBeouf getting brutally beaten to death. Well, that movie was actually loosely based on the excellent comic book series Hellblazer starring John Constantine: a chain-smoking antihero conman who investigates paranormal phenomena in an old trench coat and loose tie.

And probably watches a lot of porn.

Eric Kripke, the creator of Supernatural, freely admits that Castiel's clothes are the same ones worn by the occult sorcerer with cancer. Thematically it does make sense, because Supernatural is about working-class guys taking out paranormal threats, which also happens to be the summary of pretty much every Hellblazer comic ever. Although, as far as I know, Constantine never once uttered the phrase "Hey, Assbutt!" so that's at least one thing Supernatural has over Hellblazer.

To see the entire article: 6 Mind-Blowing Easter Eggs Hidden in Famous Movie Costumes -

(sorry I couldn't get the pics to transfer)